About Us

American BioFuels Corporation is a licensed recycler committed to the promotion and advancement of the Alternative Energy movement.  By means of a ECO – Friendly refining process , waste cooking oil and grease trap materials generated from restaurants, food production, and public utility sewer systems  are recaptured producing a high quality “feedstock”   well suited for the exacting standards of the Bio – Fuels Industry.

Since its inception in 2000, AmericanBio-Fuels has undertaken several endeavors in both the production of Bio-Fuels as well as development of efficient processing systems to handle a variety of feedstock.  It is through this experience that affords  American Bio-Fuels  the opportunity to move both our communities and our country toward  clean-burning Bio-Fuels used to heat homes, power vehicles, generate ‘Green’ electricity,  and even  develop organic  fertilizers.